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CPG Off to a Slow Start, but What’s Next? - May 2017

U.S. consumers entered 2017 facing a set of complex and intertwined market dynamics, which set off uncertainty and resultant conservative CPG behaviors, according to the Q1 2017 IRI Consumer Connect survey. Consumers are struggling, especially millennials, who have student loans and have experienced economic instability for most of their professional careers, according to survey results. However, consumers are willing to open wallets for premium products that hit the mark and projections for the remainder of 2017 are positive.
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Building Bridges to a Growth-Filled Tomorrow  - April 2017

While mass-market innovation does and always will play an important role in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, recent years have seen a significant uptick in new products that address a finite - even targeted -sector of the market. As a result, more new-market-entry brands are hitting retail shelves, and market composition is shifting. Smaller manufacturers have proved adept at developing products that hit on key consumer priorities and pairing these brands with a marketing story that brings them to life.
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Build, Drive and Earn E-commerce Growth for Retail Success  - Jan. 2017

E-commerce is a key digital pillar for CPG strategy. E-retail is a phenomenal growth lever, and firms are beginning to realize its potential as a powerful marketing channel as well. CPG manufacturers can grow e-commerce sales by up to 150% by building a strong online presence and earning shopper awareness. Online visits influence online and in-store shopper behavior.
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The Journey to Growth Along Roads Less Traveled - Nov. 2016

The consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry is struggling to jump-start growth. Economic turmoil put a huge damper on volume momentum, but improving conditions have done little to spur momentum. Striking the right balance between national brands and private label is the key to driving excitement and engagement while providing a solid value proposition and a positive shopping experience.
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Translating Big Data into a Prescription for Growth - Sept. 2016

Shoppers’ approach to fulfilling their grocery needs is quickly evolving and just-intime shopping has already become the norm. Shoppers are increasingly spreading their dollars across more channels and store formats. Retailers are grappling to capture share of these increasingly fragmented trips. Keeping pace with consumer- and market-driven changes will be essential to winning in this complex marketplace.
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Playing to Win in the Rapidly Evolving Omnichannel Ecosystem - Sept. 2016

Winning outsized share of the projected $88 billion CPG e-commerce market will contribute to ultimate success in establishing brand leadership in the omnichannel universe. IRI's perspective is that total CPG dollar sales via e-commerce will jump from $11 billion in 2015 to $88 billion in 2022. Manufacturers and retailers who are winning early have skillfully crafted integrated marketing and sales strategies for omnichannel growth because they understand that e-commerce is more than just a sales channel. View Report

Harvesting the Fruits of Innovation Done Right  - April 2016

Each year, well over 10,000 new products hit the retail shelves. An estimated 90% fail to achieve the Only 200 achieve IRI New Product Pacesetter status. Generally, less than 10 new launches capture more than $100 million in year-one sales. This year, nine brands broke through that threshold. milestones set before them. Only 200 achieveIRI New Product Pacesetter brands are the 100 largest non-food and 100 largest food and beverage launches of 2015. These brands are the best of the best, garnering cumulative first-year sales of more than $6.5 billion and representing more than 1% of calendar year 2015 CPG sales.
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Gear Up Now for a Year of Growth  - Jan. 2016

Several years after the official end of the Great Recession, the CPG industry is still struggling to find true and consistent growth. It has been challenging, to say the least. But 2016 presents exciting opportunities for CPG marketers. Some of these opportunities have been around for quite some time. Some are new opportunities, brought about by changing market dynamics and advances in analytic technologies and know-how.
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Connecting the Dots for Maximum Activation - Nov. 2015

There is no question that The Great Recession had a profound and lasting impact on U.S. consumers and the CPG industry. Even several years post-recession, growth has proven evasive.CPG volume trends are flat and industry growth is largely coming from price increases. Promotional activity is being used as a lever to drive engagement, with marketers funneling more and more resources into trade to increase promotional intensity and spur purchase behavior, all the while sales lift from said programs is on the decline. CPG marketers must rebuild their strategies, beginning with the creation of a comprehensive pricing structure (price pack architecture) that cuts across the brand portfolio.
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Key Cobblestones Along the Path to Growth - April 2015

On average, the year's most powerful CPG launches captured well over $34 million in their first year on retail shelves. Continuing a multi-year trend, food and beverage launches outpaced their non-food counterparts, raking in an average $35.5 million in year-one sales. Though it seems that return on innovation has diminished during the past couple of years, 2012 was an anomaly year, with seven food and beverage brands breaking the $100 million year-one threshold. In subsequent years, year-one sales dropped back down to an historical norm. These heavy-hitting launches are fewer and further between in today's marketplace. Today's most successful innovation is often more targeted than it was even just a few years ago, zeroing in on unique, often niche, market segments, thanks to increasingly powerful market analytics, advances in innovation technologies and more sophisticated marketing communications platforms.
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Dialing in on Core Shoppers  - Jan. 2015

The economy is stabilizing and optimism is spreading. Still, four in 10 consumers remain financially challenged and many consumers are still entrenched in conservative behaviors. Consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry sales trends are stagnant, with dollar sales growth being largely driven by price increases. But the economic outlook for 2015 is favorable, giving CPG marketers hope for more widespread organic growth in the new year. The shopper journey has become complex-consumers have more choices than ever in today’s omni-channel marketplace. Ultimately, driving growth in this environment is about making the shopper journey simple, convenient and affordable. It’s about giving the shopper control. Intelligent deployment of national brand and private label strategies will provide consumers with simple, convenient and affordable solutions to their everyday CPG needs, and support vitality in a CPG industry that is looking to provide affordability and value in a diverse and complex consumer marketplace.
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