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About The Food Institute

Your best "single source" for current, timely and relevant information about the food industry.

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A brief history

A nonprofit organization founded in 1928, The American Institute of Food Distribution (The Food Institute) has a single purpose: providing information. The Food Institute was founded by Seattle food broker Gordon C. Corbaley who decided to put out a semi-regular posting for his principals -- mainly canners -- and his customers, so they could keep better informed about what was going on in the marketplace. He called his postings The News From Oregon and Washington. The reports were welcomed by the trade as poor communication systems back in the Coolidge era resulted in a great deal of business being done by poorly informed (at times actually misinformed) buyers and sellers.

A number of Corbaley's principals were so impressed with his postings, they decided the industry would be better off with one less broker and, instead, have some sort of central information organization working strictly on accumulating and disseminating facts on the business. These food processors approached the major can companies for initial funding. The new association based its operations in New York City until 1968 when it moved to Fair Lawn, NJ and in 2010 it moved to its present location in Upper Saddle River, NJ.

Over the years, our reporting has evolved, changing to reflect the developments in the industry, but the basic premise of getting the correct information, and getting it fast enough so that people can act on it, has never changed. Today we offer….

  • The weekly Food Institute Report
  • The industry's most comprehensive website
  • Seminars and webinars on the hottest topics and the latest trends
  • A wide variety of highly respected reports and studies
  • The most respected Daily Update emails in the industry to over 110,000 key decision makers
  • A staff of industry analysts to answer member inquiries and fulfill information requests

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About Food Institute Memberships

Your Food Institute Membership is your portal to the food industry. The Food Institute will be your best "single source" for current, timely and relevant information about the food industry, saving you time and money. Only Food Institute members have access to the most comprehensive food industry information package available anywhere, and the unique opportunity to reach thousands of decision makers!

Food Institute Membership .... Making You Knowledgeable

The Weekly Food Institute Report - Keep tabs on your competition, your customers, emerging trends and pending legislation that will affect your business. See a sample report

Today In Food- actionable food industry news, culled from hundreds of sources, delivered to your desktop each day. No other electronic newsletters can match the quality of Today In Food. Click here for a sample

Exclusive Online Content at www.foodinstitute.com, your own research library right on your desktop!


The Market Info Centers - Five years of market trends- foreign trade, FI's exclusive price trends-updated monthly, supermarket sales, consumption and more, all in an easy to use format. Includes all the information you need to predict future trends and satisfy a multitude of customer or management information requests. See a sample Info Center

Up-to-date and comprehensive FI report article index where you can search by subject or company. Brush up on your prospective clients business before your sales meeting. Does a certain topic keep coming up in your business conversations? - See what The Food Institute has written on the subject.

The food industry's mergers and acquisitions database - Search by category, year and company name. Is your customer base shrinking? Are the number of suppliers dwindling? Which companies are acquisitive? Find out here!

Economic Statistics, updated monthly- Consumer Price Index, Producer Price Index data and grocery, food store & restaurant sales. View the latest info

Personalized Service - Have A Question? Need More Information? Ask An Expert! Our trained food industry analysts, real people who can help track down a multitude of information requests, are always available to assist you. Contact our staff


Food Institute Membership .... Making You Known

Annual FI Member Profile - Your company's profile will be featured in The Daily Update and Today In Food, the most comprehensive opt-in daily newsletters read by thousands of executives per day. The Daily Update and Today In Food are the best way of reaching a captive audience in YOUR industry.

"Wow! Amazing! We've had hundred of hits on our website since yesterday! I've heard from people I haven't heard from in years, including several that hold good prospect for doing business," said one FI Member in an email.

Your company's profile featured in The Food Institute Report, our weekly publication that is widely known as one of the most reputable, unbiased reports available to the food and food-related industries. Our no advertisement policy with this 83-year-old publication will really make your profile stand out.

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Custom Services

The Food Institute provides specialized services for companies or trade organizations - member or otherwise. Special economic reports? A daily newsletter tailored for your organization? The Food Institute will work with you and for you. Call Brian Todd at 201-791-5570 ext . 217 to discuss your needs with us.